Check out why the people and places that make up the Blue Ridge Corridor believe in the BRCA:

Thomas “Skip” Hill III¬†| Rexwoods / Property Owner, Board Member

The BRCA has done a wonderful job, not only informing us as a Property Owner of the plans/needs for the corridor, but also taking a very proactive role in shaping the area through encouraging active and collaborative involvement from area business, residential, and public leadership; leading/spearheading community information initiatives; and educating Alliance members of many of the important components (transportation, public private partnerships, appropriate land uses, preservation/growth of public property, etc) that will shape the Corridor and our wonderful community over many years to come. An invaluable leadership group!

Kristen Hess | HH Architecture / Board Member

I have enjoyed learning about the regional planning and development in West Raleigh. The partnership and collaboration between private businesses, elected officials, public servants, and concerned citizens to make their built environment more cohesive is refreshing and exciting!

Mary Fosnaught | Resident of Westover Neighborhood / Property Owner, Local Employee, Local Resident

BRCA is the best of who we are as community members of Raleigh. This organization gives voice to everyone at the table who is passionate about seeing Raleigh develop in a visionary way and who will be impacted by this development.

Joe Alercia

Being informed about what is going on in one of Raleigh’s most important areas has been extremely helpful. I have been a long time investor in the West Raleigh region.

Daniel Gottlieb

As NCMA’s former (long-time) planning & design director, I have a keen interest in seeing the transformation of the corridor succeed. Success will mean creating an attractive, safe, healthy, and desirable set of conditions that promote connectivity between the incredible existing assets and future developments with the District. The BRCA is the only entity committed and positioned to advocate for multiple stakeholders – public and private – to invest in the amazing opportunity and lead this transformation, so overdue. BRCA’s platform for dialogue is a valuable space to convene for real and coordinated action. I’m proud to have been a founding member, and look forward to years of innovative placemaking.

Todd Hancock

The BRCA strengthens the connection between everyone in the greater Corridor. This not only includes me personally, but my neighborhood as a whole. As a resident of West Raleigh, it is not only exciting to know things are happening, but most importantly that things are being done right, including everyone and setting the stage for success all around.

Jeff Hastings

The relationships gained through the Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance have benefited me and my business greatly. We have learned of the latest happenings and gained friendships that have helped immensely.

Sig Hutchinson

BRCA is a huge success story of how an organization can build a coalition of partners and stakeholders to work together and transform the corridor into one of the most vibrant areas in the Triangle, if not North Carolina.

Will Allen III

I am pleased that the BRCA Transportation Committee seems to have value to the folks who come.