BRCA Requests to Establish West Raleigh MSD

This is a momentous time for the future of West Raleigh.

Raleigh’s western gateway has long been an area of strategic importance, hosting numerous major institutional stakeholders and welcoming millions of visitors annually.  However, the community has struggled to attract the infill, retail and commercial businesses needed to make it a year-round destination with activities and attractions 24/7.  Given the large amount of undeveloped state-owned land within a rapidly emerging city and region, there was never a question of if but how West Raleigh would grow. That process has been slow until recently, and the district is ripe for infill development.

After nearly 25 years, the long unfulfilled potential for the area around PNC Arena is finally moving forward. This redevelopment will enhance not just the Arena, but will play a transformative role in the future of West Raleigh. Additionally, there are other major development projects shaping our community, including NC DHHS’s campus (which will be the state’s largest public-private partnership), the new Bandwidth HQ and multiple multifamily housing properties.

These developments help epitomize the need for a West Raleigh Municipal Services District (MSD).  


The Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance (BRCA), with the help and support of our partners, including the City of Raleigh, has been laying the groundwork for sustainable, healthy and equitable economic development in West Raleigh since our beginnings in 2008. As a volunteer-based organization, the BRCA has served as an advocate and facilitator in implementing the Blue Ridge District Plan to create a distinct destination in West Raleigh. To date, the BRCA has depended on annual voluntary contributions and a much-appreciated annual economic development grant from the City of Raleigh for its funding. However, to meet the needs of the fast-changing West Raleigh community, the predictable funding of an MSD is needed.


An MSD will establish a reliable, coordinated, and well-managed approach to funding and implementing district-wide projects and services that benefit and enhance the entire West Raleigh District. These would include:

  1. Providing a welcoming, clean, safe, and beautiful environment;
  2. Providing economic development and planning programs;
  3. Providing communications/marketing and events/placemaking activities.


The hope is that, if City Council adopted an MSD for the West Raleigh area, it would begin providing services in Fall 2024.


The proposed boundaries for an MSD primarily focus on non-residential use city land, bordered by I-40/Edwards Mill Rd. to the west, I-440 to the east, Western Blvd. to the south and culminating near the intersection of Edwards Mill Rd. and Blue Ridge Rd. to the north.


To finance the proposed services to satisfy the needs expressed by stakeholders in West Raleigh, the City of Raleigh would impose a new assessment tax on property within the district boundaries. The current proposal is a tax rate of $0.05 per $100 of assessed value.

In addition, the MSD proposes continued voluntary contributions by non-taxable partners in the area. This would allow for a fair starting budget for the size of the area.

Take a Deeper Dive:

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