Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance


Blue Ridge Corridor Profile (2018) – PDF

Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance/ Hillsborough Street Community Services Corporation Annual Meeting (2021) Presentation by Mitchell Silver

Blue Ridge Road Streetscape Strategy approved 8.2020

Blue Ridge Corridor – Economic Development Study Report (2017) – PDF

Blue Ridge Corridor – Economic Development Presentation (2017) – PDF










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Media & Press Releases

NC Department of TransportationNCDOT

June 2021 Project Update – U-2719 I-440 and U-4437 Blue Ridge Rd/Hillsborough St.

Scholarly Articles

Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson, Daniel Rodriguez, Taylor Dennerlein, Jill Mead, Trisha Hasch, Grant Meacci, Stuart Levin. “Predicting urban design effects on physical activity and public health: A case study,” Health & Place, Volume 35, September 2015, Pages 79-84, ISSN 1353-8292, (

Keywords: Built environment; Health impact assessment; Environmental health; Chronic disease; Physical activity

 Other Reports & Studies

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