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Merchant Spotlight

Did you know the Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance highlights a local merchant at every Board Meeting?

We would love to feature your business or someone you know in our area!

What is a Merchant Spotlight?

During our bi-monthly board meetings, we will highlight one local merchant.

This merchant will have about 5-10 minutes to share about the business, what brought them to the Blue Ridge Corridor and any challenges or needs they want to share with us.

Merchant spotlights will also be highlighted in the contributor newsletter following the meeting.

If you or someone you know is interested please email Jeff Murison at


The Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance has a number of committees including Friendraising, Transportation & Transit, Tourism & Marketing, and our Development Projects Advisory Panel.

Please contact us at for more details if you wish to participate in a committee.

Tourism & Marketing

Committee Chair: Karlie Marlowe 

Committee Meets:  Quarterly

If questions, contact: Jeff Murison at

The role of the Tourism & Marketing Committee helps the Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance Board review and evaluate proposals and projects focused on advancing the greater corridor area as a destination for tourism, cultural, and recreational activities.

Additionally, it will:

  • Help build and foster partnerships between the Alliance and the corridor’s major tourism, recreational, and cultural institutions and destinations to maximize the economic success of the corridor.
  • Help create two-way communications between the Alliance and the corridor’s tourism, recreational, and cultural institutions and destinations.
  • Help ensure the goals established by the Blue Ridge Corridor Study and the Greater Raleigh Convention and Visitors Bureau’s 2028 Destination Strategic Plan are accomplished.

Transportation & Transit

Committee Chair: Will Allen

Committee Meets:  Bi-Monthly

If questions, contact:

The Transportation and Transit Committee meets bi-monthly with a mission to;

  • Stay up to date on progress and/or impediments regarding all transportation projects impacting the BRCA footprint;
  • Reaffirm the coordination of the roadway, streetscape, rail, transit, pedestrian, bicycle, and bike share investments along the corridor; and
  • To report status of these projects along with any changes to roles and responsibilities.


Committee Chair: Jeff Hastings 

Committee Meets:  Monthly

If questions, contact: Jeff Murison at

The role of the BRCA Friendraising Committee is to identify, recruit and maintain financial contributors to the BRCA on an ongoing basis. 

The Committee will develop a procedure for identifying potential contributors, engaging them with the Alliance, soliciting contributions and thanking contributors for their donations.  Alliance staff shall assist the Committee in accomplishing its mission as needed.

Committee tasks shall be to:

  • Create framework for financial levels of contributions and benefits in support of the strategic plan;
  • Make initial asks for existing contributors;
  • Develop a list of potential contributors;
  • Develop the process for recruiting and maintaining contributors; and,
  • Report back to the Board regularly.

Development Projects Advisory Panel

Committee Chair: Thomas Barrie

Committee Meets: As Needed

If questions, contact:

The role of the Development Projects Advisory Panel is to help the Board review and evaluate development and transportation projects located in the Greater Blue Ridge Corridor.

The Panel shall advise if projects conform to the goals established by the Blue Ridge Corridor Study, the goals of the Alliance and its stakeholders, and communicate its findings to the Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance Board. 

Housing Affordability Panel

Committee Chair: Jennifer Lampman

Committee Meets:  As Needed

If questions, contact:

New in 2020, the Housing Affordability Panel will seek information and work with City Council to identify and promote affordable housing initiatives on the corridor.