About Us

The Organization

The Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance is an independent non-profit created by a partnership between the City of Raleigh, NC State University and the property owners, businesses and residents of the Blue Ridge Road Corridor in the summer of 2014.

The Corridor

The Blue Ridge Corridor is an area centered around a 3-mile length of the Blue Ridge Road running North-South from Western Blvd. to Edwards Mill Rd. The corridor encompasses several state properties, medical facilities, neighborhoods, and office/retail parks extending East to I-440 and West to I-40.

The UNC Rex NC Heart & Vascular Hospital is the corridor’s newest cutting-edge medical addition:

The Vision

The vision for the Blue Ridge Road Corridor, which the Alliance supports, is established by the state master plan and comprehensive public realm improvements as envisioned in the 2012 Corridor plan. Our stakeholders are committed to the Corridor becoming a distinct destination in Raleigh in which its major existing institutional assets (health and wellness; museum and research; entertainment and education institutions) are connected by safe, walkable, pedestrian/bicycle friendly, mixed-use, transit-oriented development projects. Working in cooperation with public agencies to achieve this vision, the Alliance promotes complementary public and private investments that will result in new jobs, increased tax revenue, needed safety features and amenities; and ultimately a vibrant, diverse and inclusive new destination in Raleigh – North Carolina’s capital city.

Guiding Documents

BRCA By-Laws Screenshot

Bylaws- Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance


Strategic Plan | Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance - PDF

Strategic Plan – Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance


BRR District Study Full Report Screenshot

Blue Ridge Road Study – Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance


Our Finances

2016 - 2017 Budgeted Expenses2016 - 2017 Budgeted Income







2016 – 2017 Budget Pie Charts | Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance – PDF


2015-16 Audit

2015-16 Audit & Statement / Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance

2014-15 Audit & Statement / Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance


Screenshot 2015-16 990

2015-16 Form 990 / Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance

2014-15 Form 990 / Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance


Our Accomplishments

BRCA Accomplishments Screenshot

2014-15 Accomplishments – Blue Ridge Corridor Alliance


Our 2016/17 Goals

  1. Promote private and public sector real estate redevelopment and economic development within the Corridor.
  2. Participate in and advocate for a strategy for the creation of a multimodal transit and pedestrian system that links the major institutional assets, enhances connectivity and connects the Corridor with the City and County.
  3. Be recognized as the primary advocacy and marketing voice for the interests of the corridor.
  4. Investigate and develop sustainable funding options that support the BRC Alliance’s mission and annual operations and programs.